Hunters in the Sky

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Large birds have always amazed me. As a child I would gaze up at the sky wishing I could soar like a bird and fly wherever my wings took me. I wondered what the world looked like to birds and what they thought of us as they looked down at us. Did they see us as small creatures down below? Did they feel smarter than us because we had to stay on the ground or build planes to go in the air. Because large birds always had my interest I got interested in falconry.

My uncle taught me some about training animals as I grew up. He taught me about falconry as well. Though he doesn’t participate in falconry or hunting either, we both see it as pretty neat. Falcons and other large birds are taught to spot animals during hunting trips so the people can find the prey better. The idea of birds working with people and helping us out is pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to speak to animals, especially birds and see what they see. Falconry is kind of a way to see what the birds see. They spot the prey for you. Whoever thought of falconry is pretty genius. I’ve always imagined the type of man to participate in falconry as a wise, street smart man. He’d have to be in tune with nature and strong. In order to know where his hawk is spotting the prey he’d need to know the land and be smart enough to know how to get where the prey is. Stealth is the key to falconry.

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The Fine Art of Falconry

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The sport of falconry is a true art form that can require hours of hard work to perfect. This is a pastime that adults should enjoy undertaking as it is not suitable for children. If you choose to learn falconry you need to be completely devoted to learning the sport. You are going to be training a bird of prey to hunt for you while flying free then accepting to return to captivity when they have completed their task.

Many purists of the sport claim that it is a lifestyle not a hobby. They state that if you become a falconer you must devote time to your birds each day all year long. Additionally you must be prepared to take some resistance from some groups. There are many animal rights activists that do not believe that falconry is right. They believe that the practice of falconry interferes with a falcons natural hunting process.

When you are beginning with this sport you should start by learning as much as you possibly can. By making yourself as knowledgeable as possible you will help to avoid injuring yourself and your birds. You need to learn about the different breeds of birds along with their different stages of life. You must learn how they hunt, what they like to eat and what a suitable hunting environment is for your birds. You will also need to be able to deal with any health issues. If you can commit to this then falconry is an adventure you might want to consi

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Falconry Causing Controversy in Florida

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For people who participate in the sport of falconry, it is a sport that they are most likely to be passionate about for their entire lives. However, for those outside of the sport, there can be a lot of misconceptions that can lead to confusion and problems. From what has been said so far, this seems to be the current state of affairs in Florida.

Several decades ago, peregrine falcons were facing extinction in Florida. Before you get riled up and think that falconry had anything to do with this breed of falcons facing extinction, I can assure you it did not. Instead, peregrine falcons were facing extinction in Florida because chemicals like DDT were thinning the eggshells that were being laid by peregrine falcons. Fortunately, the state of Florida took action, and thanks to their efforts to ban and enforce their ban on these chemicals, the population of peregrine falcons is once again on the rise.

Because this breed of falcons is once again on the rise, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is taking action to allow peregrine falcons for the sport of falconry. At their latest meeting, they directed staff to finalize the rule that authorizes the take of peregrine falcons for falconry with a permit issued by the FWC.

While Florida Falconry Association is quite excited by this decision, not every group shares their level of enthusiasm. Different Audubon societies and the Humane Society have expressed concern over the prospect of falcons being captured by those involved in falconry.

Although these groups have expressed concerns, due to the strict nature of the regulations that will be imposed, as well as the respect that anyone involved in falconry has for these birds, this is most likely a lot of ado about nothing.

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What is Falconry

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Falconry is a very intense sport that uses trained raptors to hunt for humans. Falcons are great companions and will do pretty much as they are told when given the commands to capture and kill prey. This is a great hobby for any bird lover that wants to take the time to truly train their bird to do something amazing. Not only can falcons be used, but many other raptors such as hawks and sometimes smaller eagles will even perform hunt and kill operations for humans of flying game. This is a great way to hunt for duck, or any other game bird that is commonly consumed by humans.

It is a very old form of sport that can be traced far back enough to the Assyrians in about 720 BC. This is an important form of sport that requires the upmost care and training of the bird. They must be trained on a daily basis and allowed to hunt freely for their food to keep them healthy. Falconry is a special bond between raptor and human that takes much work to do. Special gloves or coverings must be used when handling such extravagant birds. They can literally cut your skin very deep with their razor sharp talons.

Learning about the sport of Falconry or the process to become a hobbyist and trainer is important before you think about owning a falcon. It may be illegal in your state to even come in contact with one without a special permit. Treating these birds with the upmost respect and giving them all they will ever need is important to keep them safe and conserved. Many species of raptor are becoming endangered and will continue to reduce in population with human interaction. By keeping these magnificent birds as friends and not pets, we could help to increase populations in areas where they are very scarce.

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